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DS111 Foundations of Shading

Level Beginner (For artists with little/no experience or who wish to expand their skills)
Duration12 weeks
Teacher Diane Cardaci
Credits None

This class is the second of two courses designed to give the student a strong basis in the fundamentals of drawing. In this class we will learn how to build tone, and shade the basic forms that are the building blocks for all forms.

Week 1

Assignment 1: Making a value scale
Assignment 2: Making a blended value scale?

Week 2

Assignment 1: Shading a cube??
Assignment 2: Shading an sphere

Week 3

Assignment 1: Shading an egg
Assignment 2: Shading?a cone

Week 4

Assignment: Shading Cast Shadows Across a Form

Week 5

Assignment: Shading a gourd

Week 6

Assignment: Shading?a?"bumpy"?gourd

Week 7

Assignment 1: Drawing textured objects
Assignment 2: Drawing trees and bushes

Week 8

Assignment 1: Drawing the color wheel in black and white
Assignment 2: Shading a striped form

Week 9

Assignment: Drawing 2 apples different color in the same lighting

Week 10

Assignment: Portfolio Development, part 1 - Outline of Still Life

Week 11

Assignment: Initial Base Layers of Tone

Week 12

Assignment: Development and Refinement of Shading, Finishing the Drawing

None at this time. Check back soon!