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About Drawspace

Drawspace is more than just another art website; we are an international community of over 320,000 drawing enthusiasts, professional artists, art educators, and authors of art books. Check out our huge (and continuously growing) library of free, downloadable, high-quality lessons authored by world-renowned artists, art educators, and authors (no registration or log-in needed).

You are welcome to view, download, share, translate, and redistribute all our free lessons. However, the copyrights to all lessons and their contents belong to the authors, and cannot be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Drawspace lessons are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

Drawspace for Everyone

You now have free access to hundreds of downloadable, professional drawing lessons that are ideal for artists of all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginners (with no drawing experience) may want to start at the beginning (A-level); artists who already have good drawing skills may prefer to simply browse all the lessons, and choose projects that enhance their current technical abilities. Most importantly, have fun!

Drawspace for Art Educators

Drawspace has hundreds of free, professional drawing lessons that can be easily downloaded by your students (no log-in or registration is required). You can simply assign specific projects to your students, or download, print, and use the lessons to supplement your own curriculum. Drawspace curriculum is used by schools, colleges, universities, and homeschooling families all over the world, and has completely replaced textbooks in many academic environments.

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