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Beginner level

Articles and lessons, in the Beginner section of Drawspace focus on the very basics of drawing and are designed for both absolute beginners with no drawing experience whatsoever, and artists wishing to review or expand their current skills.

How to Use Beginner Lessons

Sections A to G articles and lessons focus on fundamental but very important technical skills and information. Sections H and I offer a selection of fun drawing subjects, including people, animals, and cartoons. Each lesson draws on several of the basic drawing skills introduced throughout sections A to G.

As with learning anything new, you simply have to do some necessary, but less-desirable stuff, in order to develop strong skills. But, with fun illustrations and super simple exercises, I've attempted to make even mundane topics as interesting as possible.

Consider using one of the following approaches to Beginner lessons:

Plan A: If you are a beginner, an ideal approach is to slowly work your way through each lesson from A-level to G-level in sequence. Each new skill you learn prepares you for later ones. If an exercise is too difficult, go back and try it again (and again if you need to), until you are happy with the results. Remember, your skills become stronger with every drawing you do - even the ones that don't turn out as well as you want!

Plan B: Just jump on in and have fun! Take a quick flip through the diverse projects, and note the ones that catch your eye! Complete each lesson that appeals to you. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or frustrated because some lessons are beyond your current skill level, you can always go back to Plan A!

A01   Illustrated Glossary of Drawing Words and Terms
A02   Understanding Talent
A03   Buying Drawing Supplies
A05   Making a Portfolio
A06   Good Posture First!
A07   Making and Using a Viewfinder Frame
A08   You're A Natural!
A09   Drawing Curved Lines Naturally
B01   Drawing with Spaces
B02   Shapes of a Duck
B03   Simple Symmetry
B04   Faces and a Vase
B05   Blind Contour Drawing
B06   Seeing Values
B07   Grendel Gremlin
B08   Seeing Shapes in a Photo of a Dog's Head
B09   Drawing Negative Space Surrounding a Chair
B10   Seeing Shapes of a Horse's Head
B11   Seeing Light and Shadow
C01   Self Portrait
C02   Three Families of Lines
C03   Kayla the Koala
C05   Linus the Lion
C06   Bitty
C07   Kira
C08   Wanda
C09   Starr Fish
C10   Allie Alligator
C11   Merbaby
C12   Variations of Bud
D01   Squirkling Values
D02   Graduating Squirkles
D03   The Pupil of Iris
D04   Baby Curly
D05   Sam & Samantha
D06   Spruce Tree
D08   Billy Blob Blended
D10   Squirkling a Bumpy Texture
E01   Basic Perspective for Beginners
E02   Overlapping Silly Faces
E03   Simple Atmospheric Perspective
E04   One Point Perspective
E05   The Magic Ellipse by Cindy Wider
F01   Hatching Value Scales
F02   Hatching Simple Mountains
F04   Graduated Values
F05   Kobrah
F07   Corny Conehead
F08   Basic Contour Hatching
F09   Graduations with Contour Hatching
F10   Serene Scene
F11   Tulip
F12   Seahorse
F13   Light on a Mug
F14   Medieval Spoon
G03   Smelly Spheres
G04   Baldy Noears
G05   Getting Started with Shading by Cindy Wider
G06   Creating a Value Scale by Cindy Wider
H01   Horizontal Facial Proportions of Adults
H02   Proportions of a Hand
H04   Drawing Eyelashes
H05   Kim
H06   Sketching from a Manikin
H11   Drawing Lips
H12   Long Straight Hair
H13   Sketching Figures with Lines
H14   Jamie
H15   Baby Cameo
H16   Brandon
H17   Figure drawing basics
I01   Fluppy Puppy
I02   Canine Noses
I04   Spotted Fur
I05   Fuzzy Stripes
I12   Dolly the Sheepish Sheep
I13   Cuddles