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Intermediate level

The diverse articles, lessons, and projects in the Intermediate section encourage artists to expand both their drawing skills and creativity, by working more independently. The primary objective is to challenge students to further develop their visual skills; hence, verbal instructions are kept to a minimum. It is assumed that artists, working through Intermediate lessons, already have a firm grasp of basic drawing terms and techniques taught throughout the Beginner section.

How to Use Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate lessons focus on enjoyable drawing subjects, including people, animals, and cartoons, and the curriculum expands on the drawing skills introduced in the Beginner section. However, unlike the Beginner section, these articles and projects are not in sequential order according to their degree of difficulty. Hence, students can flip through the diverse projects in all ten sections, and then simply jump on in and have fun completing the lessons they find appealing.

Note: If you begin to feel overwhelmed or frustrated because some lessons are beyond your current skill level, you can always go back to Beginner level lessons that are specific to the projects you enjoy most! Remember, your skills become stronger with every drawing you do - even the ones that don't turn out as well as you want!

J01   130 Tips & Helpful Hints
J02   To Blend or Not to Blend
J03   Symmetry Secret
J04   Transferring an Image by Cindy Wider
J05   Focus on Focal Points
J07   The Process of Working with a Grid by Cindy Wider
J08   How to Draw with Charcoal
K01   Above, On and Below the Horizon Line
K02   Drawing an Ellipse
K03   Drawing a Cylinder with 2-Point Perspective
K04   Two-Point Perspective
K05   Drawing Boxes with Two Point Perspective
L01   Crosshatching Values
L02   Graduations with Crosshatching
M02   Feathers on a Wing
M03   Detailed Dog Eye
M04   Kitty
M05   Black Widow
M06   Bill the Cat
M07   Swan
M08   Panda the Shih Tzu
N01   Misha
N02   Tux
N03   Silly Cylinder
N04   Emma Emu
N05   Freaky Froggie
N06   Bill the Corny Rattler
N07   Hairy Harry
N08   Precious
O01   Gentle Giant
O02   Daniel
O03   Kay
P01   Ashley
P02   Claudette
P03   Facial Proportions of Babies
P04   Guidelines for the heights of people
P05   Clio
P06   Eyelashes on an eye
P07   The cousin of...
P08   Adult Noses in Profile
P09   Insights Into an Ear
P10   Getting Under Your Skin – Facial Muscles
P11   Forms of Adult Torsos
P12   Adult Facial Proportions
P13   Mouth of a Baby
P14   Frontal View of Adult Noses
P15   Drawing a Collage
P16   How to Draw Curly Hair
Q02   Grape Smoothie
Q04   Bud the Rose
Q05   Drawing Squirkles Around a Tree
Q06   3D Cylinder by Cindy Wider
R01   Primary and Secondary Colors
R02   Oil Painting Brushes
S01   Sunny Blue
S02   Wooly Blue
S03   Daisy Dodo
S04   Chuck Chic
S05   Flutterby