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Advanced level

The curriculum for the projects and articles in the Advanced section, is designed for advanced students of home schooling, academic and recreational fine art educators. Artists working through these lessons should already have a firm grasp of the drawing terms and techniques taught in Beginner and Intermediate sections. Projects are recommended for artists with strong drawing skills, who have a well-trained eye for details and an incredible amount of patience. The actual drawing time to complete most projects will be 20 to 40 hours.

How to Use Advanced Lessons

Advanced lessons offer diverse drawing subjects, including faces, figures, animals, still life, nature, and cartoons. Curriculum in the Advanced section is planned so artists can either:

T01   Rosey
T02   Shadow
T04   Dandy
T06   Daphnia
U01   Annie
U02   Eye on Melissa
U04   View of an Adult Arm
U05   Leg and Foot
U07   Female Figure
U09   Isha
U10   Joel Allan
U11   Fabric of a Sleeve
U12   Big Smile
V03   Photorealistic Dagger
V04   Teddy Tink
V06   Old Tree
V07   Sunflower
V08   Shiny Leather Boots by Cindy Wider
V10   Little Urn by Cindy Wider
V11   Medieval Arrowhead
W02   Bill View 2
W03   Evie
W04   Carved In Stone
W05   Robby & Rob
W08   Wesley the Maltese
W09   Heidi
X01   Dudley The Dragon
X02   Lord Algernon
X03   Lord Hans
Y01   Golden Rosebud
Y02   Wobby
Y04   Values in Colors
Y10   Winged Lightning
Y11   Art Inspired by Music
Y12   Introduction to Pointillism
Z02   Examining Styles and Techniques
Z03   Examining Lighting & Composition in Masters' Paintings
Z04   Study of an Infant's Nose
Z05   Study of the Head of an Infant
Z06   Hatching with chalk
Z08   Study of Old Man's Face in Profile
Z09   Study of a Girl's Face
Z10   Study of a Flower
Z12   Sketch of a Youth
Z13   Study of a Rosebud