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B: Learn to see

As an artist, you visually explore everything around you from your own unique perspective, and with new purposes, such as discovering drawing subjects. Consequently, it makes perfect sense that learning to see as an artist is an integral aspect of learning to draw! Hence, a whole section of articles and lessons is devoted to this worthy topic. Curriculum is designed to improve observation skills, and enhance artistic development through various mental and visual exercises, intended to increase both confidence and drawing skills.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
B01: Drawing with Spaces 3.6
B02: Shapes of a Duck 3.9
B03: Simple Symmetry 4.1
B04: Faces and a Vase 3.7
B05: Blind Contour Drawing 4.1
B06: Seeing Values 4
B07: Grendel Gremlin 3.9
B08: Seeing Shapes in a Photo of a Dog's Head 4.6
B09: Drawing Negative Space Surrounding a Chair 4.5
B10: Seeing Shapes of a Horse's Head 4.5
B11: Seeing Light and Shadow 4.4