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C: Draw with lines

Lines, the basic building blocks of drawing, can either be visually rendered or simply implied as a division between spaces or values. All shading styles used throughout Drawspace are made up of the three different types of lines, straight, curved, or angle. Hence, becoming familiar with lines is an integral aspect of learning how to draw. Numerous exercises and projects focus on becoming familiar with and using lines, to improve various drawing related skills.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
C01: Self Portrait 2.5
C02: Three Families of Lines 3.2
C03: Kayla the Koala 4.1
C05: Linus the Lion 4.2
C06: Bitty 4.3
C07: Kira 4.5
C08: Wanda 4.2
C09: Starr Fish 3.6
C10: Allie Alligator 3.8
C11: Merbaby 4.3
C12: Variations of Bud 3.7