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F: Hatching

With practice, hatching becomes a very fast and simple way to achieve realistic shading, by drawing series’ of straight or curved lines (called sets), either far apart or closely together to give the illusion of values and textures. Curriculum introduces diverse methods of hatching, and challenges students to draw the numerous different textures of a vast array of drawing subjects.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
F01: Hatching Value Scales 4
F02: Hatching Simple Mountains 3.9
F03: Playing With Pencils 4.1
F04: Graduated Values 3.9
F05: Kobrah 3.8
F06: Sketching Outdoors 4
F07: Corny Conehead 4.1
F08: Basic Contour Hatching 4.1
F09: Graduations with Contour Hatching 4
F10: Serene Scene 4.4
F11: Tulip 4.6
F12: Seahorse 4.4
F13: Light on a Mug 4.2
F14: Medieval Spoon 4.6
F15: Wooly Woo Noo 3.8