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H: Focus on people

The discussions, exercises, skills, and projects in H-Level Beginner provide a foundation for drawing diverse people. Even though some projects may appear intimidating at first glance, simple step-by-step illustrated instructions gently guide students through each phase of drawing.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
H01: Horizontal Facial Proportions of Adults 4.1
H02: Proportions of a Hand 4
H04: Drawing Eyelashes 4
H05: Kim 2.9
H06: Sketching from a Manikin 4.4
H11: Drawing Lips 3.6
H12: Long Straight Hair 3.5
H13: Sketching Figures with Lines 4.6
H14: Jamie 4.2
H15: Baby Cameo 4.3
H16: Brandon 4.5
H17: Figure drawing basics 4.4