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I: Cartoons & critters

I-Level Beginner lessons provide a fun method of enhancing students’ current drawing skills, with everything from silly cartoons to realistically rendered animals. Curriculum reviews various beginner skills, while adding a few new tricks and techniques that are specific to drawing cartoons and animals.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
I01: Fluppy Puppy 3.8
I02: Canine Noses 4.2
I03: Eye of a Dog 4.5
I04: Spotted Fur 3.6
I05: Fuzzy Stripes 4.2
I06: Simple Feather 4.2
I07: Rocky Rodent 4.2
I08: Tuttle Turtle 4.3
I09: Kevin Bakon 4.2
I10: Jumpin Jack 4.6
I11: Siamese Tiger Fish 4.3
I12: Dolly the Sheepish Sheep 4.4
I13: Cuddles 4.5