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N: 3-D cartoons

There’s a method to my madness in having you draw cartoons. First of all, your brain won’t get stuck telling you something is anatomically wrong, because cartoons are not supposed to look real! Secondly, cartoons are fun to draw! The enjoyable curriculum in N-Level brings together an eclectic collection of shading methods and drawing techniques with a focus on rendering the illusion of a third dimension.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
N01: Misha 3.4
N02: Tux 4.4
N03: Silly Cylinder 3.7
N04: Emma Emu 4.3
N05: Freaky Froggie 4.1
N06: Bill the Corny Rattler 4.3
N07: Hairy Harry 4
N08: Precious 3.6