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P: People

The curriculum in P-Level Intermediate: People is designed to simplify the process of drawing people by breaking down theoretical guidelines and anatomical studies into easily digested chunks of information. Basic drawing skills are incorporated into a vast array of projects and exercises that focus on drawing diverse people of all ages.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
P01: Ashley 3.5
P02: Claudette 4.3
P03: Facial Proportions of Babies 3.7
P04: Guidelines for the heights of people 4.1
P05: Clio 4.8
P06: Eyelashes on an eye 4.7
P07: The cousin of... 4.6
P08: Adult Noses in Profile 4.3
P09: Insights Into an Ear 4.7
P10: Getting Under Your Skin – Facial Muscles 3.5
P11: Forms of Adult Torsos 4
P12: Adult Facial Proportions 3.9
P13: Mouth of a Baby 4.6
P14: Frontal View of Adult Noses 4.4
P15: Drawing a Collage 4
P16: How to Draw Curly Hair 0