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T: Diverse animals

The comprehensive and time-consuming projects in T-Level Advanced: Diverse Animals focus on fine-tuning and expanding intermediate drawing competencies. The curriculum assumes that students already have good technical skills, and are interested in exploring advanced techniques used for drawing realistic, hyperrealistic, surrealistic, and photorealistic animals, such as insects, birds, and mammals.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
T01: Rosey 3.7
T02: Shadow 4.3
T03: Hooter 4.1
T04: Dandy 4.1
T05: Isaac 4.3
T06: Daphnia 3.9
T07: A Zebra Named Spot 4.4
T08: To Bee or Not to Bee 4.4
T09: Katie the "Rottiepitbea" 0