Module 8.3

Colored Pencil Techniques

Experiment with fundamental colored pencil techniques and explore the unique characteristics of this amazing medium as you learn to draw in color.

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About the Author

Tannis Trydal

Award winning artist and enthusiastic art educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share

Individual Lessons

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Welcome to the World of Colored Pencil!
By Tannis Trydal


Experiment with Pencil Techniques
By Tannis Trydal


Shade a Smooth Sphere
By Tannis Trydal


Shade a Soft Fuzzy Sphere
By Tannis Trydal


Draw a Sphere with a Rough Texture
By Tannis Trydal


Transform One Color into Five
By Tannis Trydal


Create Rich Areas of Color in One Layer
By Tannis Trydal


Use a Grid to Draw Two Objects
By Tannis Trydal


Make a Color Swatch Tool
By Tannis Trydal


Create an Original Abstract Artwork
By Tannis Trydal


Draw a Vibrant Red Poppy
By Tannis Trydal


Draw a Shiny Green Apple
By Tannis Trydal


Introduction to Techniques
By Tannis Trydal


The Process of Outlining Grids
By Tannis Trydal


How to Read a Color Wheel
By Tannis Trydal