Module 4.1

Introduction to Perspective and Composition

The rules and guidelines that make up the various elements of perspective and composition enable artists to expressively and aesthetically arrange their subjects within the boundaries of a drawing space.

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About the Author

Brenda Hoddinott

Author of Drawing for Dummies, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing People, Drawing Book 1: Getting Started, and owner of

Individual Lessons

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Identifying Your Eye Level
By Brenda Hoddinott


Make a Viewfinder Frame
By Brenda Hoddinott


Compose with a Viewfinder Frame
By Brenda Hoddinott


Draw a Box with One-Point Perspective
By Brenda Hoddinott


Three Perspectives on Boxes
By Brenda Hoddinott


Draw Simple Overlapping Shapes
By Brenda Hoddinott


A Forest Fades into the Mist
By Brenda Hoddinott


How to Use a Viewfinder Frame
By Brenda Hoddinott


Above, Below, and On the Horizon Line
By Brenda Hoddinott


Disappearing Into a Vanishing Point
By Brenda Hoddinott


Creating Depth with Overlapping
By Brenda Hoddinott


Composing a Portrait of Joel Allen
By Brenda Hoddinott


Atmospheric Perspective
By Brenda Hoddinott


Looking into Foreshortening
By Brenda Hoddinott