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U: Faces & figures

The informative articles in U-Level Advanced: Faces & Figures are specific to drawing human faces and figures, and encompass a broad range of relative topics. The intricate, time-consuming projects focus on fine-tuning and expanding students’ drawing competencies. Curriculum assumes that students have good drawing skills, and are interested in learning more advanced techniques for drawing faces and figures, from life and/or photos.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
U01: Annie 3.6
U02: Eye on Melissa 4.2
U03: Claire 4.1
U04: View of an Adult Arm 3.7
U05: Leg and Foot 3.9
U06: Facial Aging 4.3
U07: Female Figure 4.5
U08: Manisha 4.3
U09: Isha 0
U10: Joel Allan 4.6
U11: Fabric of a Sleeve 4.2
U12: Big Smile 4.4