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V: Nature & still life

The curriculum in V-Level Advanced: Nature & Still Life is designed for artists who are interested in learning advanced technical skills, specific to rendering drawings in the styles of realism, hyperrealism, surrealism, and photorealism. Several projects focus on using contrasting values (rather than outlines) to identify the edges of a drawing subject’s parts, according to the lights and darks defined by a light source(s).

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
V01: Light Beyond the Trees 4.3
V02: Photorealism: Very Close Up 3.7
V03: Photorealistic Dagger 4.3
V04: Teddy Tink 3.5
V06: Old Tree 4.5
V07: Sunflower 4.5
V08: Shiny Leather Boots by Cindy Wider 4.5
V10: Little Urn by Cindy Wider 4.6
V11: Medieval Arrowhead 4.6