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W: Studio series

The heavily illustrated drawing diaries in W-Level Advanced: Studio Series explore my methods of rendering artworks in my favorite styles of drawing. Curriculum is designed so artists can either: draw along with me to render a copy of my drawing; draw a similar subject using my drawing processes as guidelines; enjoy reading each lesson on a computer screen; or simply print a lesson, curl up in a favorite comfy chair, and explore the numerous illustrations while reading about the technical procedures.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
W01: Karin 4.4
W02: Bill View 2 4.3
W03: Evie 4.3
W04: Carved In Stone 4.4
W05: Robby & Rob 4.2
W06: Hallie Kate 3.6
W07: Greek Mummy Portrait 4.6
W08: Wesley the Maltese 0
W09: Heidi 4