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Y: Creating in color

Currently, the projects in this section focus on “painting” with colored pencils; however future lessons will encompass other colored media including oil paints. Curriculum is designed for artists with strong skills in rendering a full range of graduated values, who want to expand their drawing competencies into colored media.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
Y01: Golden Rosebud 4.1
Y02: Wobby 4.4
Y03: Designing a Tattoo of a Grease Monkey 4.2
Y04: Values in Colors 4.3
Y05: Painting with Acrylics: Part 1 4.7
Y06: Painting with Acrylics: Part 2 4.4
Y07: Painting With Acrylics: Part 3 4.8
Y10: Winged Lightning 4.8
Y11: Art Inspired by Music 0
Y12: Introduction to Pointillism 0