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Z: Drawing on the Masters

The masters of the Renaissance are no longer living, but many of their works survive and can serve as extraordinary teachers of classical styles and techniques. The term Renaissance, derived from the French word rebirth, refers to the diverse changes that occurredwithin European culture from the early 14th to the late 16th centuries.

Lessons in this section

Title Rating
Z01: Nose Study (Leonardo da Vinci) 3.8
Z02: Examining Styles and Techniques 3.7
Z03: Examining Lighting & Composition in Masters' Paintings 2.8
Z04: Study of an Infant's Nose 2.8
Z05: Study of the Head of an Infant 3.4
Z06: Hatching with chalk 3.6
Z07: Mona Lisa 4.7
Z08: Study of Old Man's Face in Profile 4.1
Z09: Study of a Girl's Face 4
Z10: Study of a Flower 4
Z11: Madison 4.5
Z12: Sketch of a Youth 4.1
Z13: Study of a Rosebud 0