Art Think

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ISBN# 978-1-927539-30-9

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288 pages, written by Jim Lane

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There's more to being an artist than learning to paint and draw. In between the facts and fun you are invited to discover helpful tips to enhance your own artistic journey and fascinating information about renowned artists and their work. Art THINK is fun (sometimes funny), enlightening, historic, anecdotal, and loaded with dozens of illustrations and practical advice culled from the writer's nearly fifty years of experience as a painter, art instructor, reader, and writer of all thing artistic. Artist/writer Jim Lane welcomes readers to a better understanding of art by learning "a little about a lot, and a lot about a little." Tons of information comes your way in short, informative nuggets, many of which can be bitten off, chewed, and digested in as little as fifteen minutes. Each chapter offers humor, irony, common sense, conventional wisdom, and good old school-of-hard-knocks experience.

A review by Nita Leland (author of seven art instruction books, including Exploring Color Revised, The New Creative Artist, Confident Color, and New Creative Collage Techniques): "As a lifetime artist and art educator, Jim Lane has learned or has access to a great store of knowledge, which he freely shares with clarity and wit in Art Think. I've enjoyed Jim's "Arty-Facts" for many years, first as a member of Paint-l online discussion group and later on his CD, which I still refer to from time to time. I’m delighted to have his collection of art advice, facts, trivia, opinions and Top Ten lists in a well-organized format with a table of contents and an index to help me find anything I might be looking for. Musings, reminiscences, art history and much more are interspersed with real-world strategies for meeting artistic challenges. Jim knows first-hand what it takes for an artist to thrive (work hard) and prosper (work harder!). But he never lets you forget that being an artist can be fun and teaching art is even more satisfying. There is so much information in this potpourri of art goodies that you can pick any chapter at random and find something you can use right away. Art Think is a must read for anyone interested in art or becoming an artist."

A review by Dave Becker (author of Watercolor Composition Made Easy and How to Sketch with Watercolor): "Working as an artist and having written two art books myself, along with having a collection of art books that I've never counted due to the large numbers, I was given the pleasure of reading and reviewing Jim Lane’s book, Art Think, which I couldn't wait to start. There are just two words I need to describe this book "Art Wikipedia". Jim has put together an encyclopedic amount of information and art facts into a book that I'm guessing covers everything there is to know about art. Along with great information and art facts, Jim has put together some very interesting and informative exercises that you are sure to enjoy. Not knowing exactly what kind of rating one gives an art book, I’m giving it my own 5 brushstroke rating that basically means get this book, it's a great read."