12 Charcoal Techniques

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112 pages, written by Cindy Wider

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All you ever need to know about charcoal, in one single ebook! Learn these 12 amazingly simple Charcoal Techniques that will enable you to create a huge variety of textures and subjects including professional and saleable portraiture.

You will discover how intuitive and forgiving this wonderful medium really is. You can easily can create stunning artworks in a relatively short period of time using these 12 simple charcoal techniques.

This book is sure to change your experiences with charcoal forever!

Please note: The information in this ebook is also included in the unit four: portraiture foundations course ebook. If you have purchased the unit four ebook there is no need to purchase this one.


  • General overview
  • Course outline
  • Introduction to week one
  • Pre-instruction drawings
  • Introduction to charcoal
  • Art materials used for charcoal drawing
  • Exercise for week one: Twelve charcoal techniques
  • Cover large areas with willow charcoal
  • Cover medium sized areas with willow charcoal
  • Cover small areas with willow charcoal powder and a paper stump
  • Draw fine lines with willow charcoal
  • Draw fine lines with charcoal pencil
  • Create gradations with blending
  • Create soft edges with blending
  • Create hard edges
  • Hatching lines with willow charcoal and charcoal pencil
  • Lines with variations in width
  • Experiment with erasing techniques
  • White conte and white charcoal techniques
  • Summary for week one
  • Introduction to week two
  • General information on drawing hair
  • Exercise for week two: choose your first hairstyle to draw
  • Step-by-step Instructions for hairstyle one: Adult Female Long Hair
  • Create a template for the head shape
  • Step-by-step Instructions for Hairstyle Two: Adult Male Short Hair
  • Step-by-step Instructions for Hairstyle Three: Adult Female Curly Hair
  • Summary for week two
  • Introduction to week three
  • Exercise for week three: Draw the objects provided
  • Step By Step Large Urn
  • Step by Step Old Wooden Post
  • Step by Step Drapery
  • Summary for week three
  • Introduction to weeks four and five
  • Position of features on an adult face
  • Take a photograph for your final portraiture project
  • Photograph of 'Just Me'
  • Final Charcoal and white Conté drawing of 'Just Me'
  • Final project step-by-step portrait example: 'Just Me'
  • Examples of Self Portraits by Previous Course Participants
  • Final Words
  • About the author Cindy Wider