Drawing on Your Brain

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291 pages, written by Brenda Hoddinott

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Drawing on Your Brain is designed for everyone who can hold a pencil – from absolute beginners to professional artists. Each of the 40 tutorials in this book is categorized as either a resource or an activity.

- Resources include heavily illustrated discussions about the brain itself, as well as drawing skills and techniques that are designed to strengthen its functions.

- Activities that challenge you to turn theory into practice start off simple, and progressively become more challenging.

This book is divided into the following five parts:

Part 1 How to Train a Brain

This richly illustrated part of the book helps demystify current research on the relationship between drawing and your brain, and provides tried-and-true techniques to enhance your brain's functions.

Part 2 Drawing on the Positive and Negative

This part of the book begins with a comprehensible explanation of positive and negative spaces, and shows you how to identify and use these spaces to see and draw more accurately. Several fun activities challenge you to put theory into practice.

Part 3 Sizing Up Spaces and Shapes

This part of the book shows you how spaces and shapes can help you render well-proportioned drawings. Knowing how to identify the individual shapes that make up the overall shape of a subject also helps you create more believable artworks.

Part 4 Plot, Dot, and Draw Accurately

Getting a subject’s proportions correct is the biggest challenge for most artists. But what many artists don’t know is that clues to help draw a subject lie hidden within the subject itself. This part of the book introduces you to techniques for discovering these clues.

Part 5 Five More Projects to Exercise Your Brain

You finally get the chance to put your new skills into practice and render some challenging drawings!