Simple Serenity

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67 pages, written by Judith Campanaro

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A few years ago, I decided to use my expertise to do some research and put together a plan that would release me from my constant battle with cognitive dissonance. I call it cognitive dissonance because everything I believed about myself contradicted what people say about me in notes, letters, recommendations etc. etc. That's when I decided to conquer the stress busters in my life. This e-book is the story of what I discovered along the way.

Simple Serenity is a feast for the heart, mind, and soul. Judith offers us a shining reflection of someone who has walked the path she so wisely writes about, and she provides valuable tools to live a joyous life—every single day.

~ Dr. Gloria Burgess, Best-Selling Author, Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside and Legacy Living

In the beginning we are all good. You ate your vegetable, YEAH! You took a step! You are sooo GOOD! Then we took the second step and we became "bad." Don’t go there, you might fall. Don’t spit that out, it's good for you. We begin to do nothing right and we learn that "no" has more power in our lives than "yes." No wonder our self-confidence falls to the bottom. Judith Campanaro provides tools to reverse this and remember how valuable we really are. She teaches us not to believe everything we think, because we are better than that. It's a good read and helps bring us back to who we are. I found Judith's book helpful in releasing a lot of stress that has built up from my job. I love the positive quotes and have started using them every day. I think anyone who feels overwhelmed should read this book.

~ Ann Helgerman, Summers Engineering, Inc., Hanford, California

Judith Campanaro has an uncanny way with words. She is mystical in that she writes what I need the day that I am ready to face my truth. Just when I recognize the seeds of truth along my path and all I can grasp are images forming in my spirit her insightful prose clarifies and affirms that I am seeing what indeed I should seek. Germination occurred when I read Simple Serenity. Judith gets to me with her intelligent tools and pragmatic approach to reality. I can generate my own personal professional and physical power because my visions and thoughts become validated. She understands what it means to strive for authenticity in this present life and time. The time is right for this powerful book.

~ Terry Patterson, Entrepreneur, Ventura, California