Drawspace Beginner Certification Program

Drawing is the integral component of all visual arts, and the primary focus of this foundation-level, asynchronous learning-based program, which emphasizes peer-to-peer and teacher-student interactions. Our philosophy on teaching art is to focus primarily on the enjoyment aspects while gently introducing the technical and academic. Hence, in creating a passion for the subject matter, the quest for knowledge also becomes enjoyable.

The Drawspace Beginner Certification Program provides adult level courses, teaching the fundamental skills and techniques needed to support whatever further academic aspirations students may have. Students, who satisfactorily complete all the requirements of this program, thereby demonstrating evidence of beginner-level educational and artistic competence, are awarded a certificate of completion.

About Drawspace Online Education

Drawspace.com is one of the largest art education websites on the Internet, featuring high-quality courses authored by world-renowned artists, art educators, and authors.

Art instructors will always be integral to art education; virtual classrooms are simply alternatives to traditional venues. Online education promotes the dissemination of high-quality curriculum to international student populations. Flexibility, low costs, and superior curriculum are other advantages of online art education. Recent Internet research asserts that art students in online learning environments generally achieve the same (or higher) levels of technical competence as students in brick and mortar institutions of learning.

As a student, you work toward your Drawspace certification:

Certification Requirements

The Drawspace credit system is designed to ensure that each student has the same basic drawing (D) skills upon completion of the certification program.

Courses include units of curriculum called modules, which are made up of resources and assignments. Resources contain information (such as text, photographs, and drawings) that enhances comprehension of curriculum, exercises, and projects. Assignments are either a major drawing project, or a group of exercises and small projects. Each successfully completed assignment is worth one credit.

Drawspace Beginner Certification requires the completion of a total of 80 credits in the following six areas of study:

Receiving Certification

If you have previously taken courses, you only need to contact your instructors and those credits will be retroactively assigned to your certification program. You have no time constraints or deadlines; you can complete the program in one year or more (one of the perks of this online program). When you have completed all the certification requirements, your certificate and official transcript will be prepared and sent to you by mail.