PO104 Mixing Paints and Painting with Eight Values

With Brenda Hoddinott

3 weeks   Open 1

Mixing Paints and Painting with Eight Values

This workshop is designed for artists with good drawing skills, who are interested in trying painting for the first time. Curriculum is also suitable for artists with some painting experience who are interested in learning the techniques I use for painting in the styles of illustrative realism, realism, surrealism, and fantasy.

You have two weeks to complete this project. Skills include mixing a range of values with only two tubes of paint, learning how to use a scriptliner brush to create clean edges, and painting a sky and mountains using atmospheric perspective to create the illusion of depth.

Suggested pre-requisites include the completion of several beginner and intermediate drawing lessons on Drawspace, or (and) a drawing course (such as an interactive, online Drawspace course).

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