PT106 Curving Around Blended Graduations and Hard Edges

With Brenda Hoddinott

2 weeks   Open 1

Pre-requisite: This workshop is designed for artists who have completed Beginner 1: Mixing Paints and Painting with Eight Values, and Beginner 2: Painting Shapes with Hard and Soft Edges, or are experienced with preparing a canvas, mixing paints, using a wet palette, painting hard edges (especially curved outlines) with a scriptliner brush, and blending to create soft edges.

You have two weeks to complete an abstract painting with Raw Umber, Cadmium Yellow Light, and white.

New challenges include: using a filbert brush (or a round or flat) to paint a graduation of colors; beginning the process of seeing colors as values; and exercising your patience by painting smoothly curved lines and fine details.

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