RC101 Introduction to Drawing

With Brenda Hoddinott

6 weeks   Required 2   Contours 2

Drawing is the integral component of all visual arts (including traditional and digital drawing). Aspiring artists (of any visual art discipline), who continuously becomes frustrated with their abilities, often do not havd a solid background in the fundamentals of drawing. Hence, this course is not just for absolute beginners, but also for artists who are sometimes disappointed that their completed works do not turn out as well as they would like.

Lines are the building blocks of all drawings, from the simplest line drawing of an amateur, to the most intricately rendered shading, by the greatest artists the world has ever known. An artist's ability to draw lines determines whether their drawings stand strong or crumble into mediocrity.

This is the first of three traditional (pencils and paper) courses that make up B01: Introduction to Drawing. (Curriculum is designed to also enhance the skills of digital artists.)

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