RC102 Drawing on Your Brain

With Brenda Hoddinott

6 weeks   Required 2   Contours 2

Prerequisite: RC101 Introduction to Drawing

The second course in the Drawspace Beginner Certification Program, offers insightful concepts, exercises, and projects to guide artists toward achieving right- and left-brain balance.

Your brain has two sides: the right hemisphere (right brain) and left hemisphere (left-brain). Contrary to popular belief, the process of drawing is neither right- nor left-brain, but rather a combination of both. Yet, whether by nature or nurture, most individuals are either right- or left-brain dominant. Simply speaking, left-brain thinking is analytical and verbal. Right-brain thinking is visual and perceptive. Working toward right-and left-brain balance can enhance learning in general. Strengthening the right-brain of individuals with dominant left brains can lessen their frustration when trying to learn the conceptual, right-brain aspects of learning. Conversely, enhancing the left-brain functions of people with dominant right brains allows them to more easily grasp analytical, left-brain knowledge.

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