RC103 Drawing on the Classics

With Brenda Hoddinott

6 weeks   Required 2   Contours 2

Prerequisite: RC102 Drawing on Your Brain

The masters of the Renaissance enhanced the art of drawing by combining various lineweights in single lines. In recent years, artists have injected contemporary twists into the art of mixed lineweights with new techniques, tools, and mediums.

In this course you:

  • Combine different line-drawing techniques with a mixture of hard and soft grades of pencils
  • Render strategically placed combinations of lines to illustrate light and shadow
  • Design an original flower bud and seahorse
  • Add shading to contour drawings with hatching and contour hatching
  • Combine several contouring techniques with hatching to draw a realistic portrait of an infant
  • Create contour drawings of two objects from life using a dominent light source
  • Combine all your favorite techniques to create a completely original contour drawing

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