Module 3.2

Shading Textures and Patterns

Learn shading techniques that can help you successfully capture the textures and/or patterns of diverse drawing subjects including: fabrics, trees, metals, foods, water droplets, flowers, and stained glass.

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About the Author

Brenda Hoddinott

Author of Drawing for Dummies, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing People, Drawing Book 1: Getting Started, and owner of

Individual Lessons


Render the Texture of Corduroy
By Brenda Hoddinott

FREE 3.2.A2

Squirkle a Realistic Spruce Tree
By Brenda Hoddinott


Draw a Droplet of Water
By Brenda Hoddinott

FREE 3.2.A4

Shade Matte and Shiny Fabric
By Brenda Hoddinott


Squirkle a Bumpy Avocado
By Brenda Hoddinott


Shade a Medieval Arrowhead
By Brenda Hoddinott


Shade Fabric with a Spotted Pattern
By Brenda Hoddinott


Shade Gently Folding Striped Fabric
By Brenda Hoddinott


Shade the Hem of Ribbed Fabric
By Brenda Hoddinott


Smooth Speckled Egg
By Brenda Hoddinott


Dewdrops on a Tulip
By Brenda Hoddinott


Shade a Symmetrical Bowl
By Brenda Hoddinott


View of a Brain from Above
By Brenda Hoddinott

FREE 3.2.A24

Bird of Paradise
By Brenda Hoddinott


Beverley's Stained Glass Butterfly
By Brenda Hoddinott


Glistening Surface of a Brain
By Brenda Hoddinott


Photorealistic Texture of a Thing
By Brenda Hoddinott


Textures and Patterns of a Dagger
By Brenda Hoddinott