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Some information about the drawing

Size: about A3 (~30cmx40cm or 11.7" × 16.5")
Paper: Bristol Paper (about 300g/m² I think)
time: It felt like FOREVER (It was lying on my desk for a few months without me touching it)
Tools I used:
-mechanical pencils 2B,HB,H (0,7 and 0,5 mm)
-graphit pencils and clutch pencils 4H,2H,H,HB,B,2B,3B,6B,8B
-cotton pads/Q-tips/estomps/tissue for blending
-3 sheets of copypaper to cover already finished (and unfinished) parts
-normal eraser/kneaded eraser and eraser stick
-Adobe Lightroom 3 to adjust the brightness and contrast to make the scanned version look more like the original drawing

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