A Wave of Two Tails

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flycatcher   Image Posted Jan.21st, 2012, viewed 231 times

A Wave of Two Tails

Oil Pastels: Mungyo, Neopastels and Senneliers
9 x 11.5: Watercolor Paper, ColdPressed

I found a reference picture from Andy (Wetcanvas, Marine Section) that I instantly fell in love with. Andy shot a great photo of how powerful the ocean can be. My camera doesn't reflect the richness of the colors used, most of the greens aren't showing . I've adjusted as best I can.

This is the first wave in a series that I'm developing. What looks like a jagged horizon is actually a wave breaking in the distance that was at the horizon. Any suggestions on making it look more natural and correct is really welcomed - my thoughts would be to raise the horizon so that wave doesn't sit on the horizon.

I'm very interested in your comments, suggestions and feedback. Thanks, Flycatcher

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