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Excellent work, Guido. This exercise is notorious for showing any blunt-ended lines, which is partly why I designed it that way :o) Your results are near-perfect. I'm happy to see you tried blending both ways.

As you found out, blending dark to light carries more graphite into the white corner, and the reverse blends more softly. As long as your blending is gentle, there's no reason why you can't layer the darks back on top if you wanted to restore them to their original strength.

There's nothing wrong with your scanning at all. I almost check in Photoshop to see if the tones are true to your original and adjust them accordingly. Photoshop thought your were a little light (they often are) so below is the altered version I was critiquing.

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Guido Santan... Apr.20th, 2012
Image added to Drawing from Line to Life: DG104:2 Tone blending:

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