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Almost perfect - well done! Consistent shading that follows the contours, tapered lines that will blend very well, and a smooth application of the 4B or 2B at the left-hand edge.

Incidentally, if you had any problems drawing a downward-pointing arc, try turning your paper upside down. That way the arcs will follow the natural movement of your wrist. Personally, I never turn my paper, but I do sometimes sit sideways to my drawing, place my hand above an area and draw 'downwards'. If I'm trying to make something look realistic, turning it upside down loses the reality of what I'm looking at, which is why I don't do it.

I've attached a tonally corrected version (the one I'm critiquing) so others can appreciate your effort more.

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Guido Santan... Apr.25th, 2012
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