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Hi Monica!

You have done very well with this incredibly difficult assignment. Your lines appear lightly rendered and most of the proportions are very close to the reference images. :o)


Before you continue on to Week 4, I would like to make sure that all your skills are ready to take on the challenges yet to come. :o)

Practice Assignment 2: Please take time to closely examine the image I have prepared on vertical, horizontal, and vertical comparisons. Please practice these six drawings several times. When you get to the point where your drawings look close to the reference images, please upload them again so I can check them over. :o)

And, yes, I chose the six hardest ones (mischievous grin), but I know you can do this!

Please see image


In response to image:

monniemoon Sep.16th, 2012
Image added to Introduction to Drawing: RC101:3 You Can Draw a Straight Line - Without a Ruler:

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