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If you imagine your lines in the top left corner are whiskers, you often need to blend one or both ends of such an indent into the surrounding drawing. For example, the root of a whisker needs to appear to growing out from between the surrounding hairs. All that's required is to draw a tapered line in the indent itself - starting dark at the root and then feathering to white. I usually find a 2H works well for that, or an HB if I need a darker root.

I like your experiments with the varying dashes and lines, but do try darker shading. That should, even on your relatively coarse paper, make the indents gleam white. This technique is so dependant on your paper, pencils, how you apply the graphite, that every experiment is worth carrying out.

I forgot to say I've been adjusting your scans to what Photoshop suggests is closer to your original - I've posted this one back.

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gladysyao Sep.23rd, 2012
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