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Hi Monica!

I can tell that your struggled with this assignment. That's OK! I'd like to help you get these skills strengthened so your future drawings turn out the way you want. :o)

Please wait to go on to next week's assignments until you have mastered drawing shapes with curved lines. If need be, I can add an additional week to your course, so please don't worry about time.

First of all, I will be sending you a couple of worksheets by e-mail that have helped many students improve their abilities to draw shapes with curved lines. Please remember to take your time - your goal is accuracy not speed. :o) Your ability to draw quickly will automatically improve as your skills become stronger. Please make as many copies as you want until you are able to do each subject accurately. :o)

When you notice that your worksheet drawings are turning out more accurately, please practice redrawing the three subjects in the attached image. I have also added a previous image to refresh your memory of correctly drawing the widths of spaces. :o)

Please see images and check your e-mail for the worksheets. :o)


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