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Photoshop suggests you scan is light, so I've corrected it before critiquing (see image below).

This is good, although there are a couple of problems. First, this scene already contains cast shadows where each rock has cast its shadow on the rock below. There is only one light source so all cast shadows in the drawing should be the same value, but you tree shadow is darker and overlaps the others.

The other problem is minimal - your shading of the shadows is linear and the lines are visible. That spoils the intended realism, because you should have used a rock-texture shading technique to form those shadows - whatever you perceive that technique to be.

You're frustratingly close to this being completely correct! :o)

I was going to comment on thr "reversed" central shadow - it curves away from the tree but the rock curves towards the tree. But then I looked again, and your shadow works. I can quite easily understand that rock to have a concave surface. :o)

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ClaireF Oct.9th, 2012
Image added to Drawing from Line to Life: DG201:4 The "key" to expressive drawing:

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