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Fantastic Dan!
I can see that you understand how to use this method and have copied the pattern very well. The more you practice, the more your comparison skills will develop, which will allow you to achieve amazing accuracy with this method.
You have done well dividing the markings along the sides to help you compare to.. in some places like at the letter F, the pattern needs a bit of adjustment because the measurements along one side are different to the other. You did better with this in the second drawing... so this is just something to keep in mind:) It is important to make sure the sides of the square are straight as well and not drawn on an angle. You can use the sides of your page to compare to.

Please see the attachment and the suggestions below to help you even more...

A-This dot need to be positioned higher… the measurement from the top is great, but the measurement from the side should be from exactly the 1/8 way mark
B- this part of the curve is great.. however there is a double line... the measurement from the top is from the 18.. and from the side just above the 1/8 way mark
C- this dot should be from exactly the 1/16 along the side and from the top not quite halfway between the 1/16th and ¼ way.
D-This dot should be from exactly the ½ way mark and from the top... just a wee bit past the 1/8 way mark along the side
E- this line needs to be higher ... measure from the 1/8 way mark along the side
F- This line needs to be moved over.. notice in the pattern all vertical lines above are aligned

Remember to use your artists language as you go... ask yourself questions, like " how close is this line to the 1/16 way mark... is it closer to the 1/4 way or the 1/16th?". "Does this curve come straight out from the side at exactly the 1/8 way mark or just above.?" Halving your markings along the side as many times as you need to will give you a really high degree of accuracy:)
This is an excellent start, Dan, I am looking forward to seeing more of your exercises... have fun with next week's frog dog:)

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