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The lamp is much better now, Gladys. The ellipses of the top collar now subtly suggest its round form, as do the narrowing cutouts and the highlights on the brass surface. The shading of the bottom collar works much better now too. The chimney has strength and that boosts the highlights. Those highlights could be sharper-edged, but they work well as they are. The reverse side of the top ellipse now recedes and is definitely behind the glass.

You've done some work on Kitty that helps to sharpen her, and her right-hand leg is now better described, but what I think would really help would be thin contact shadows beneath her paws. Her legs are quite lightly drawn and are low in contrast, so contact shadows would help to establish the positions of her lower extremity and plant her more firmly on the top of the dresser.

Finally, your cast shadows help to marry the two subjects. They should be the same tonal value, as they are receiving the same light, but Kitty's shadow is paler than that of the lamp.

Finally finally - I just noticed it :o) - the removal of the outline used in the curving side of the dresser is a great improvement.

Have I missed anything? :o)

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gladysyao Oct.18th, 2012
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