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Hi Monica,

The two lower drawings are very well done proportionately! Good job! The lines are still a little too dark, but this comes with more practice! :o)


A challenge for you!!!

I'd love for you to end this course with a perfect drawing!!! Remember! Do not rush! Spend as much time looking at the reference image as you do drawing!

Please redo only the upper drawing of the flower bud a minimum of five times:

Please spend at least 10 minutes doing each of these five drawings. If you complete a drawing in less time, please try it again (and again) because chances are you are not taking enough time to look at your reference image. You CAN do this!!! :P


- Press lightly with your pencil
- Draw this subject much larger than here
- Keep your pencil very sharp so your continuous lines are thin and neat
- Draw each line in the same location as in the reference image
- Make sure each line curves in the exact same way as in the reference image.

And I have prepared an image that shows you this. Please make sure that you do your new drawings beside your computer so you can clearly see my attached image as your work. :o)

Then - please choose your best drawing - the one that looks exactly like the reference image) (smile) to upload to the classroom! :o)

Brenda :o)

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monniemoon Oct.21st, 2012
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