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Hello Dan. Great work:) Your frog dog is great, most of the shapes are well positioned and in proportion to each other. I can see that you thought very hard about where to place each:) Talking to yourself in your artists language... asking yourself questions to help you compare one to the other is very helpful. What you have done here is fantastic...I love that your ovals are all at the correct angle:) that is fantastic! While it isn’t necessary to be absolutely accurate with this method... here are a few tips to help you for next time...
A-The angle of the nose could be adjusted... If you draw a guideline from the top of the head to the tip of his nose like this on the original drawing, it will help you to copy the angle of the nose and to place elements like the eye accurately. You can lay your pencil over the angle and then carefully lift your pencil up off the page and being careful to keep the pencil at the same angle, lay it over the one in your drawing to test to see if it is the same.
B-The maximum width is about here...
C-Notice that the way the dog is sitting causes one set of legs to be higher than the other. This is another place where a guideline is useful...
D-The angle here needs adjusting
E-This foot should come to about here.
Fantastic work overall!!!!

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