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Great work Dan, You almost have it… and that is a huge accomplishment because the ellipse is the most challenging shape to draw! It just takes practice… the more you practice drawing them, the easier it’ll get:)

The first ellipse is very good, just be sure that you keep your pencil sharp... the lines at a the letter A could be adjusted in a couple of spots by just the width of your pencil... when drawing in realism, even that small amount can make a difference. When drawing the guidelines, make sure that the horizontal line is placed in the exact middle of the vertical line. At the letter B- The ellipse comes out too far on this side. There should be the same amount of distance on both sides of the vertical line. At the letter C- the ellipse should be drawn a fraction lower... make sure that there is the same amount of space above and below the horizontal line. At D... once the maximum depth adjust this line.

In the second ellipse, The “mouth” of the ellipse just needs to open up a bit more to avoid the “football” look:)You can try drawing the curved ends on first, like I have at the letter E.

Great work overall...keep going!

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ddroz Oct.14th, 2012
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