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Hi Brandt!

Most Excellent! Wow! Your lines are well done and the proportions are very close. You have highly developed visual skills (also called "seeing as an artist" or "visual intelligence"). :o)


As previously mentioned, I'd like to help you learn how to draw the proportions of your subjects more accurately. There are oodles of little tricks in a professional artist's repertoire of skills. I have prepared an image for you to demonstrate one of the more basic techniques.

Please keep in mind that all this stuff does become totally automatic with time and practice. However, it's always perfectly OK to look for proportional clues before you begin to draw and/or when you double check your drawings for accuracy. This is not cheating - this is smart drawing! :o)

Please refer to image


In response to image:

BrandtF Oct.28th, 2012
Image added to Introduction to Drawing: RC101:3 You Can Draw a Straight Line - Without a Ruler:

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