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As far as I can see you've sculpted your fabric quite well, and as you worked (t=rather than planning out first), which the ideal. I can instantly understand the three-dimensional forms within this, and that's just as it should be. You should always try to clearly describe the form and texture to your viewers, and I think you've succeeded, although you could have increase the contrasts.

All you have to do when drawing a three-dimensional subject, such as this, is ask yourself "How much light can this point under my pencil see?". That way you constantly explain the three-dimensional form to yourself.

This could have been blended more to smooth your darker tones more seamlessly into the lighter ones. Your shading is fairly delicate and it follows the contours, but I think you need to taper the ends of your lines more. I can see edges here where your lines have stopped, so just extend them a little further with longer tapers. With that done, it will just need a degree of light blending to smooth the darker tones into the edges of the highlights so no edges show.

I knew when I suggested this exercise that it would be difficult to scan, so I haven't adjusted this much (see below). It appears to have worked quite well, but you'll know if it worked the way you intended it to or not. It just needs a very delicate touch - often just the weight of the pencil just grazing the surface will give sufficient pressure.

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