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Hi Dan, Your lamp is fantastic and i can see that you understand how to draw using the construction method and your ruler for measuring. You have done very well to draw all around the shapes and sometimes within them to complete part 2 of this exercise. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind for the future that will help you to gain even more accuracy,,
A-This ellipse is very good.. just this side needs slight adjustment.
B-The curves on either side aren’t quite the same. I love the curve on the left hand side... so to make the one on the right the same, you just needed to measure out from the centre guideline so that there is the same amount of space on either side to the outside edge. I have plotted a few dots for you so that you can see how the right side could be adjusted.
C-This ellipse is too deep, compare to the image with the measurements showing the maximum height and depth marked along the centre guideline.
D-All three of these ellipses just come out too far on the right hand side. Make sure that the horizontal line is placed in exactly the middle of the vertical line. There should be the same amount of space on either side.
Well done Dan... overall your drawing is fantastic.... just keep practicing drawing the ellipse:)

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ddroz Nov.6th, 2012
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