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Excellent Dan, your Little Blue Wren is fantastic and you have used the grid method with a very high degree of accuracy. Remember you can divide your measurements along the sides of the square as many times as you need to in order to gain even more accuracy. Use your artist language as you go, this helps to hone your comparison skills... Please see the attachment for a few ideas to help you improve even more.

A-The top of the head should be a bit lower
B-Really good job positioning the eye... you almost have it. Here is a way that you can get even more accurate results. Draw a guide line from the tip of the beak right to the ΒΌ mark as I have done to help you position it easily. You can also draw a line from corner to corner in that square, as well, which will also help you with positioning.
C-Some of the shapes in these areas need adjusting
D-Adjust angle
Overall, this is excellent work and you are doing really well in the course:)keep going!

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ddroz Nov.6th, 2012
Image added to Outline Drawing: DC102:4 U1-D-wk4:

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