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Hi Brandt!

I brought your drawing into Photoshop and (as suspected) everything is very well rendered on a level far beyond that of a beginner. Also, your ability to draw straight lines has improved drastically over the past week. More importantly, you have put considerable time and effort into this assignment. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a big hug for a job very well done!!! :o)

PASS (again)

A few horizontal and vertical lines are ever so slightly slanted - just something to be aware of. When you fine-tune your visual skills, you will be able to identify and correct these types of minor problems as you work. I have prepared an image to show you an example of a vertical and horizontal line that is slightly slanted.

Please see image


In response to image:

BrandtF Nov.4th, 2012
Image added to Introduction to Drawing: RC101:4 Straight-Sided Shapes and Sets of Lines:

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