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Hi Brandt!

WOW! Your drawing paper has captured an explosion of sunshine and happiness! Most wonderful! :o)


For the most part these curved lines are beautifully rendered. And those curved lines that don't flow as smoothly as they could will become better with practice. The three long curved lines that flow toward the bottom of the page are amazing! :o)

Please see annotations

I have also added a couple of worksheets that will help you with the practice of curved lines and also help strengthen your visual intelligence!

Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Examine the lines in Square 1. Compare the lines to one another and to the sides of the square.

Step 2: Practice drawing the lines accurately by tracing over the faint lines in Square 2. Keep your pencil point sharp with a sharpener or a sandpaper block, or use a mechanical pencil. Remember to rotate your paper before you draw each line so you are using your natural hand movement. Take your time; accuracy is much more important than speed.

Step 3: The grand finale! Accurately draw the lines from Square 1 in Square 3. If a section of a line doesn't look quite right, erase it and draw it again.

Please see images also!

Brenda :o)

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Image added to Introduction to Drawing: RC101:5 Curved Lines and Shapes:

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